From prevention to early detection to disease management, diagnostic testing has always been vital to patients and clinicians. And the pandemic shone a spotlight on the essential role these tests can play in the health of every citizen in this country. Yet, despite in vitro diagnostics informing 70% of all NHS clinical decisions, the sector only receives £1 for every £100 spent.

The Future of Diagnostics Delivery in the UK, a report backed by the Institute of Biomedical Science (IBMS) and the Association of British HealthTech Industries (ABHI), is based on interviews with leading figures in Government, the NHS and UK pathology community. It highlights the clear discrepancy between the value diagnostics deliver to the health system and the investment it currently receives. The report focuses on three key areas of development for strengthening the UK diagnostics sector of the future, and improving patient access to diagnostic innovations. It also makes a number of clear recommendations including calls for:

  • The system of funding for diagnostics to be the same as for new medicines to ensure innovations reach patients sooner.

  • The new testing infrastructure, which was developed in response to COVID-19, to be repurposed and integrated with NHS pathology services to support screening of at-risk patients for early signs of other diseases beyond the pandemic.

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M-GB-00011747 Date of Preparation March 2023

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