At Roche, we firmly believe that better patient care can be achieved through collaborative working with the NHS. The ABPI Code of Practice defines ‘Collaborative Working with Organisations’ as work which either enhances patient care or is for the benefit of patients or alternatively benefits the NHS and, as a minimum, maintains patient care, and must be carried out in a manner compatible with the Code.

Collaborative working is generally between one or more pharmaceutical companies, healthcare organisations and other organisations. 

Joint working is a limited form of collaborative working, and describes work between one or more pharmaceutical companies and the NHS and others, is patient-centred and, the key defining point that separates it from collaborative working, is that joint working is always for the benefit of patients. 

Below is a list of collaborative working projects Roche is currently involved in. Click on the Executive Summary links below to learn more.

M-GB-00011736 Date of Preparation March 2023

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