Roche and Social Value Portal: Putting Social Value at the Forefront of Healthcare in the UK

Ensuring equitable access to opportunities and reducing social inequalities are crucial for fostering a fair and sustainable society.

Our largest customer, the NHS, as well as many other stakeholders, are recognising the importance of social value, a term which takes account the wider economic, social and environmental effects of their actions. 

Social Value is the umbrella term used to describe the value an organisation creates for individuals, communities and society. Although the Social Value Act came into force a decade ago, it has taken a while to climb the ladder of priorities. 

With the recent release of the  NHS Net Zero and Social Value Guidance this year, it is an opportune time to respond to social value requirements that align with our mutual values and ambitions. 

Roche UK, through an exclusive partnership with the Social Value Portal, has developed a Social Value strategy. Our priorities are centred around:

  • Social mobility

  • Healthy community

  • Healthy planet

These priorities align with the NHS themes around tackling economic inequality, equal opportunity, well-being and fighting climate change. Using Social Value Portal’s online platform, Roche can measure, manage and maximise the contribution that we, and our supply chain, makes to UK society. 

Read the press release.

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