What we do

Our goal is to overcome some of healthcare’s greatest challenges, finding ways for everyone to be able to spend more time with the people they love. This is why we embrace the best technology and develop strong partnerships to innovate and develop new medicines and tests. 

Blazing new trails in medical science means pushing the boundaries of our knowledge and navigating unfamiliar terrain where no standard textbooks exist to provide guidance. Translating a molecule into a medicine that really matters for patients calls for the combined creativity and unrelenting perseverance of thousands of people with specialised knowledge in a broad range of areas.

£400 million invested in UK clinical trials in 2020 alone icon
1 in 5 of all UK clinical trials are registered by us icon
In 2020  12,400 patients received treatment in the UK, funded by us, as part of this programme. icon

The UK is a key part of our global research programme, with over £400 million invested in UK clinical trials in 2020 alone.  Since 2017 we have doubled the number of trials we run in the UK, and nearly one in five of all UK trials are registered by us. As a result, in 2020, 12,400 patients received life-saving and life-changing treatment in the UK, unavailable on the NHS, but funded by us, as part of this programme.

Roche Diagnostics has taken a leading role in supporting the UK Government in its response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We were the first to develop a test for COVID-19. We are first responders to global health crises, acting with speed, agility and innovation. Diagnostic solutions have been a central pillar to meeting the unprecedented challenge of COVID-19, with testing playing an important role in ensuring an effective, comprehensive and staged response to the outbreak. As we recover from the pandemic, our ambition is to play a leading role in integrating the wider pathology community to achieve better health outcomes for patients and the public alike.

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