Our tests, instruments and digital solutions enable doctors to make critical decisions for their patients earlier, more accurately, and with greater confidence.

Whether it’s cancer, infectious diseases or other serious health threats, the quest for better solutions to healthcare’s greatest challenges starts with, and depends on, testing and diagnosis.

In 2021, over 820 million Roche diagnostic tests were used to confirm, rule out or manage health conditions in the UK

Roche UK Impact Study, March 2022 / M-GB-00006690

Our tests, instruments and digital solutions

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In-vitro tests

In vitro diagnostics (IVDs) are tests that can detect disease, conditions and infections from samples such as blood or tissue that have been taken from the human body. They allow doctors to diagnose patients effectively and work to provide appropriate treatments. We discover, develop and manufacture in vitro tests for the diagnosis of various diseases including cancer, diabetes, Covid-19, hepatitis, human papillomavirus and many others.



Most of our in vitro tests run on diagnostic instruments that we develop and manufacture ourselves or with external partners. Some of these devices are small and can analyse a patient’s blood or urine. Other instruments are large, some the size of small cars, and are on-site at hospital laboratories. These systems allow hundreds of samples to be analysed in parallel, testing for many different diseases.


Digital solutions

We have developed a broad portfolio of digital solutions that support specialists in their diagnostic work. This includes artificial intelligence used by pathologists in the interpretation of tissue samples and solutions that support doctors in their clinical decision-making, by employing algorithms and artificial intelligence to suggest targeted and personalised treatment options. 

We develop diagnostic tests, instruments and digital solutions with the power to transform healthcare for people around the globe

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Our role in NHS testing and diagnosis

Every person’s health journey begins with a test or diagnosis, and many of our tests, instruments and digital solutions are used every day in the NHS to confirm, rule out or manage health conditions. Our tests, instruments and digital solutions enable doctors to make critical decisions for their patients earlier, more accurately, and with greater confidence, and help patients get the right treatment faster.

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Our role in tackling the COVID-19 pandemic

The importance of testing and diagnoses was apparent in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are proud to have brought the first COVID-19 test to the NHS, and, in 2020, almost 11 million Roche diagnostic COVID-19 tests were processed.

Our role in UK health screening

As well as providing the tests, instruments and digital solutions to help diagnose and manage diseases, our products are used within screening programmes across the UK. For example, our tests are used in cervical screening programmes to detect Human Papillomavirus (HPV), a leading cause of cervical cancer, and to deliver a fast and accurate diagnosis of HIV infection. 

"Advances in digital technology present us with many exciting opportunities and we’re proud to be part of this new digital revolution in healthcare."

Geoff Twist, Managing Director, Roche Diagnostics UK and Ireland

Our people and locations

Making all this happen are more than 650 dedicated colleagues, either based at our office, at our National Distribution Centre (both located in Burgess Hill, West Sussex) or in the field across the UK and Ireland, close to our customers. Our technical teams ensure that our instruments and analysers are kept up and running for the healthcare service and played an important role throughout the pandemic.

M-GB-00007470 Date of Preparation June 2022