Roche UK’s Pharmaceutical Business

With a campus in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, our pharmaceutical business plays a significant role in advancing healthcare in the UK.  Our UK site is a key part of Roche’s global research and development (R&D) programme, the largest of any healthcare company in the world.  A key reason for this is the wealth of scientific talent in the UK, and the key partnerships that we have with universities, the NHS, regulators and Government. In 2020, we invested over £400 million into UK research, which equates to 8.5% of the total UK government spending on healthcare research.

Our passion for improving the lives of people across the UK is reflected in the next stage of the journey in developing new treatments - taking them from the lab to the real world. Since 2018, every single new Roche medicine that we’ve brought to market in the UK is available on the NHS.

"Today and more than ever before, we have a wealth of opportunity ahead of us to make a significant difference to thousands of people in the UK. Our work never finishes; our aim is to always think bigger, be better and solve faster. I am so proud to lead an organisation which puts truly delivers for people in the UK.”

Richard Erwin, General Manager, Roche Products Ltd.

Key statistics

  • 820 million diagnostic tests
    Roche supports millions of UK patients: in 2020, we conducted over 820 million diagnostic tests (to confirm, rule out, or manage health conditions), and over 712,000 people benefited from Roche medicines and our diabetes monitoring and insulin delivery system
  • 23 new medicines
    Since 2018, every single medicine that we’ve brought to the UK market is available on the NHS - 23 in total
  • first covid-19 test
    The first Covid-19 test brought to the NHS was by Roche, with 11 million tests processed in 2020
  • two covid-19 treatments
    We have two different medicines treating Covid-19, including the first dedicated treatment to combat the disease - both available on the NHS
  • 20% more women in management than UK average
    We employ more women in management positions than typical UK forms (57% compared to the UK average of 37%)
  • We contribute over £1.26bn to the UK economy and support over 21,000 jobs across numerous industries and regions
    We contribute over £1.26bn to the UK economy and support over 21,000 jobs across numerous industries and regions

Roche UK Impact study, March 2022 / M-GB-00006690

M-GB-00007470 Date of Preparation June 2022