Realising the potential of precision medicine

With advances in our understanding of cancer genomics, we are seeing exciting breakthroughs in the development of new kinds of targeted therapies.

But to ensure these therapies are available to patients who are most likely to benefit from them, a precision medicine approach to treatment, reliant on genomic testing, will be essential. However, for such an approach to be effectively delivered in the NHS, supportive policy developments are needed. 

To understand the most important policy issues posed by the current and future use of precision medicine and genomic testing in the NHS, we sponsored the charitable think tank PHG Foundation to conduct research with key expert stakeholders. From this research we have developed our ‘Tumour agnostics: realising the potential of precision medicine’ report, which outlines key recommendations for employing precision medicine for tumour agnostic and other targeted cancer treatments within the NHS.

Notably, we recommend:

  • A consistent NHS ‘genomics first’ approach to diagnosis and treatment

  • Future-proofing NHS cancer panel testing 

  • Collaboration between professionals and patients to raise awareness of genomic testing for targeted treatments

We are a committed, long-term partner to the NHS and will continue to support the health service to ensure personalised medicine is a routine part of care.

M-GB-00011749 Date of Preparation March 2023


Full report

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