On-site reagent supply programme

reagent supply programme

Roche Prime Supply

On-site Reagent Supply Programme

Roche can provide you with consignment stock which is a highly efficient way of ensuring immediate access to Roche's applied science products where and when you need them –  in your laboratory. You can complete your research projects in a timely manner without the worry of product supply and delivery issues through a constant and uninterrupted supply of biochemical reagents stored on-site. The Roche Prime Supply programme brings convenience without cost to help resolve the challenge of having the right product to hand just when you need it.


What we can offer you...

  • A customised inventory based on your specific needs. Choose from our extensive range of biochemical reagents for molecular and cell biology, gene expression, functional genomics, protein analysis, in addition to reagents for many of our instruments
  • No delivery costs
  • Regular special promotions
  • 24/7 on-site product access.


How it all works

  • Contact your Roche representative to discuss the individual requirements of your institute
  • A site survey by a Roche representative will identify which storage appliances meet your requirements
  • Orders and deliveries of appliances will be arranged and co-ordinated by your Roche representative
  • A consignment account will be set up which will be used for every Roche Prime Supply order
  • The initial ‘fill up’ stock will be delivered to your institute and your Roche representative will ensure it is placed in the appropriate appliances in clearly labelled trays
  • You will only be invoiced for stock as it is used. You will need to send a refill order for stock once a week
  • Your Roche representative will contact you on a regular basis to ensure that the products and service you receive reflect the ongoing needs of your work.



  • For the benefit of all parties, a contract is signed by Roche and the institute prior to installation. A copy of this contract is available upon request.


Automated RPS

Roche also offers automated solutions.  For more information please clickhere.