Accu-Chek® Diabetes 3-Day Review

Accu-Chek® Diabetes 3-Day Review 


Proven to help control your blood glucose levels*

In just 3 days, understand the factors that affect your blood glucose levels and take simple, easy steps to improve them.

The Accu-Chek Diabetes 3-Day Review helps you to understand the trends in blood glucose levels and how they relate to your lifestyle. By monitoring your meal sizes and activity levels, you can develop a detailed understanding of your blood glucose levels, to help you make informed decisions to manage your diabetes better.

Record your results in just over 3 days

Gain an understanding of how timings, food and exercise affect your results

Take action to improve your blood glucose levels

*Structured testing with the Accu-Chek® 360° View 3-day profile tool supports reduction of HbA1c by <0.5% when used collaboratively with your healthcare professionals. Polonsky WH et al. STeP Study, Diabetes Care 34:262–267, 2011

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