Molecular diagnostics

Molecular diagnostics uses PCR technology for rapid diagnosis and disease monitoring.


Pioneers in Molecular Diagnostics

The impact of molecular science in healthcare is clear to see.

In the laboratory, Roche “Polymerase Chain Reaction” (PCR) based technologies have transformed the way scientists help diagnose and monitor disease. The ability to detect tiny fragments of DNA or RNA (Nucleic Acids) enables this technology to move into new areas of genetics and oncology providing high value diagnostics capabilities. Roche, as a demonstration of its pioneering ethos in Molecular Diagnostics, is now first to market with a true companion diagnostic test for tumour mutations in Melanoma alongside the therapeutic agent, Zelboraf® (vemurafenib).

Nowadays, molecular biology laboratories in the UK and Ireland rely on Roche to deliver innovative, cost-effective solutions for rapid diagnosis and monitoring of disease.

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