Hospital blood gas analysis

hospital blood analysis

Blood gas analysis is considered the most important diagnostic tool for critically ill patients, so your analysers need to deliver rapid and reliable results.

Roche has over 40 years’ experience in blood gas instrumentation and the current range includes thecobas b 123, thecobas b 221 and the 9180 electrolyte analysers. Whether you are responsible for an ICU, an emergency department or a central laboratory, our range of Point-of-Care (POC) products meets your need for a flexible and configurable system. They also have the advantage of being easy to use and require little maintenance.

The cobas blood gas solution is more than just the analyser, our IT applications provide complete management and control of your devices, wherever they are located.

Using thecobas POC IT solution, you can easily manage your Roche POC analysers and all operators from your desk. The cobas bge link software has a screen-sharing function, so it’s just like standing in front of the device. If you add the cobas IT 1000 application, the resulting functionality gives you a very powerful application - supporting you to effectively manage critical situations in patient care.

cobas IT 1000 application allows users in the central laboratory to perform efficient POC quality assurance from a central location, as well as providing many other features and benefits.