Cardiac point of care testing in hospitals

Cardiac point of care testing

The European Society of Cardiology and National Academy of Clinical Biochemistry say that 'Institutions that cannot consistently deliver [Troponin] results in less than one hour should implement POC testing'.

Using the cobas h 232 portable cardiac reader, TroponinT test results are delivered within 15 minutes indicating the level of myocardial damage - allowing rapid decisions and appropriate patient treatment.

The cobas h232 can also test for other biomarkers, including NT-proBNP - which can improve the diagnostic accuracy of heart failure in patients presenting with ambiguous or confusing symptoms, and D-dimer - a reliable and sensitive biomarker for the exclusion of Pulmonary Embolism or Deep Vein Thrombosis.

Regardless of where the devices are located within the hospital setting, our IT applications provide complete management and control. The cobas POC IT solution allows you to manage your Roche POC analysers and all operators from your desk.

The cobas IT 1000 application allows users in the central laboratory to perform efficient POC quality assurance from a central location, as well as providing many other features and benefits.