Cobas Inventory Management System

cobas Inventory Management System

Inventory management can be one of the most time-consuming, yet crucial operational tasks undertaken in the laboratory.

cIMS is an inventory management system that has been developed specifically for laboratories by Roche. It has been installed and is already bringing efficiency benefits to over 50 sites across the UK and Ireland.

cIMS can enhance your laboratory’s efficiency by simplifying inventory management procedures and instantly producing a wide variety of stock usage and financial reports. And, since it provides a valuable audit trail, cIMS facilitates adherence to laboratory accreditation requirements.

cIMS provides the following functionality:

  • web-based application which allows data sharing across networks,
  • electronic delivery notes – no need for manual goods receipt,
  • remote intelligent handheld scanner for checking goods out,
  • automated reports showing stock usage patterns,
  • automatic alerts when reorder point is reached,
  • generation of suggested order lists,
  • archiving function.

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