Process Systems Manager (PSM)

process system manager

PSM is the interface between your analytical platforms and the host LIS. PSM operates as a key conduit in all laboratory processes from sample receipt, quality control monitoring, through to validation, sample distribution, archive and ultimately sample disposal.

PSM is installed in over 100 sites across the UK and Ireland.



The modular software architecture allows the adaption of PSM to your specific laboratory needs. PSM can be used:

  • as a consolidating front end of analytical units connected to an existing host system
  • as a backbone to realise advanced sample workflows to increase laboratory efficiency
  • as an enabler to ensure laboratory operation by offering cost efficient backup solutions for order entry, result reporting and data mirroring
  • as an intelligent software combining pre-analytical, analytical and post-analytical equipment with powerful data management functions
  • as a value enhancer that offers new services by using the open system architecture.

With standard host interface protocols (ASTM, HL7), PSM can be integrated in existing host environments.

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