Hospital in vitro diagnostics

Roche’s hospital in vitro diagnostics business provides integrated solutions to healthcare professionals within the secondary care environment, ensuring that patients and clinicians have timely access to accurate test results.



Our products are used in laboratories, operating theatres, A & E departments and hospital wards. They include large core laboratory instruments including pre and post-analytical platforms that prepare and store samples and work alongside analytical systems that produce the test result.

The portfolio also includes smaller instruments for use throughout the hospital, including professional glucose meters, coagulation monitoring meters, blood gas analysers and meters for cardiac and thrombotic markers.

All of our solutions are supported by a range of IT connectivity, e-learning and inventory management products.


Optimall Managed Pathology Services


We are the market leader in providing managed laboratory services for pathology departments throughout the UK and Ireland.

Our products are used to diagnose and monitor conditions such as diabetes, heart failure, Down's Syndrome, infertility, thyroid and liver disease as well as infectious diseases and cancer.


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