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COBAS® TaqMan® 48 Analyser

COBAS® TaqMan® 48 Analyser

The COBAS® TaqMan® 48 Analyser is designed for mid-sized clinical diagnostics laboratories that are seeking a solution to the complexity of molecular diagnostics testing, and require a single system for all of their real-time PCR needs. The instrument combines in vitro diagnostic and research (‘homebrew’) features in one instrument and automates the amplification, detection and quantification of DNA or RNA, creating a PCR analysis that is more sensitive than traditional PCR and highly accurate.

The COBAS® TaqMan® 48 is a closed analyser requiring no further user interaction after sample loading is completed, reducing the risk of sample contamination and optimising the workflow. Two independent thermal cyclers provide 1- to 48-sample capacity and allow up to two different assays to be run simultaneously, with an amplification/detection time of only 2 to 3 hours. Due to its small footprint the instrument is easily integrated into any laboratory design.

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