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BenchMark ULTRA

BenchMark ULTRA

The Benchmark ULTRA system is the next generation in IHC/ISH staining instrumentation. Using 30 individual slide processors, its patient centric workflow integrates continuous and random access for real time STAT processing. Turnaround times are significantly reduced resulting in faster reporting of patient results and enabling the next generation in lean laboratory workflow.


The BenchMark ULTRA system is the first to perform simultaneous IHC and ISH testing on a single continuous access platform. Multi-parameter testing such as dual and triple stains may be performed independent of other slides, allowing for rapid results. The BenchMark ULTRA system is optimized for a full range of prediluted and concentrated immunohistochemical assays, as well as a variety of in situ hybridization tests, simplifying complex molecular testing into a routine automated procedure. The BenchMark ULTRA system can be linked to your Laboratory Information System to manage information from a single computer for increased workflow efficiency and patient safety.


The BenchMark ULTRA system has a new graphical user interface (GUI) which allows continuous monitoring of slide and reagent status. This GUI provides a laboratory workflow tool which combines efficient, one-click navigation with intuitive, easy-to-use graphics. Continuous status updates, customizable reports, and flexible set-up give each lab the ability to optimize their user interface to best meet their needs.


Run any test at any time: continuous and random access to 30 individual staining chambers, so you can add and remove single slides when needed, without interrupting workflow.

Faster turnaround times: enables continuous processing and runs up to 30% faster than previous instrumentation generations.

STAT Capable: STAT samples can be added at any time for expedited patient diagnosis.

Batch Free: add samples when you want to so you don’t have to plan your day around batch cut off times.

Continuous Information: intuitive, new software interface lets you see exactly when patient samples will be available.