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NexES Special Stains

NexES Special Stains

Further enhance your lab’s productivity

For over a decade, labs have trusted NexES Special Stainers to make their staining process more productive, consistent, and safe. Ventana takes the variability out of the process with proven automation. NexES Special Stainers now offer more flexibility and customization of protocols to suit your lab’s preferences.

Optimize your lab’s performance in the three areas that matter most:


Improve workflow by minimizing hands-on time from experienced technicians


Eliminate tech-to-tech variability

Utilize quality-controlled reagents


Reduce technician exposure to harmful chemicals

Achieve positive patient ID with VANTAGE and barcoded slides

The consistent quality of proven automation now delivers more staining protocol options.

We’ve recently added new features to allow greater flexibility and consistent results. This, in addition to a broad menu of complex and routine stains, gives you the power to create more efficiencies and tailored staining.