Diagnosing cardiovascular disease

Lives are saved and quality of life is protected by rapid diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease. In particular, every minute counts in the treatment of heart attacks.

As the UK leader in in-vitro diagnostics, Roche is driving improvements in the early diagnosis of cardiovascular disease. We provide cutting edge technology to enable healthcare professionals to make rapid decisions on the best treatment.

Ourcobas h 232 cardiac reader system is designed to support on-the-spot decisions in doctors’ offices, clinics and emergency wards. This state-of-the art portable device allows a single sample of blood to be analysed in just eight to 12 minutes.

The cardiac reader tests for a number of key substances that indicate cardiovascular conditions. NT-proBNP is a prohormone that is released when the heart is under stress. D-dimer is a substance that circulates in the blood stream for several days following a blood clot, or thrombotic event. Cardiac Troponin T is a specific and sensitive biochemical marker for damage to the heart tissue, so a positive test result confirms the diagnosis of heart attack.

In hospital laboratories, Roche’s Elecsys® Troponin T high sensitive assay picks up even small increases in troponins. Its sensitivity and precision enables more people, including those without typical symptoms, to be identified and treated earlier. The test is available for use on cobas® and MODULAR Analytics serum work areas.