Engagement, talent and culture is essential to us in order to create a great working environment for our people. We encourage everyone who works at Roche to build their careers and pursue their passions. By providing everyone with the opportunity for career development, we ensure the growth of our single largest investment – our employees – and, in turn, the success of our organisation.

Our employees strive to add value in their work, and are highly productive. In 2016, each employee generated an economic contribution of £116,000 on average.1 Our labour productivity is 2.3 times that of the UK average of £50,000 and almost twice the average level seen in firms in the professional, scientific and technical sector.

Our productivity reflects not only our highly skilled workforce, but also our gender and ethnic diversity: almost two-thirds (62%) of our employees are female, with women occupying 56% of our managerial positions. There are also 42 nationalities represented in our UK workforce. This diverse range of skills, views and passions helps us connect with our customers who are at the heart of our business. Every day, every Roche colleague comes to work knowing they make a difference in doing now what patients need next. 


In May 2017, around 92% of our people responded to our latest Global Employee Opinion Survey. The overall level of engagement in the UK remains strong at 71%. This score measures how our employees feel a sense of belonging, pride and commitment to working at Roche.

We provide all of our employees with two working days year to spend on volunteering. Colleagues can choose what type of volunteering they wish to undertake, whether it is gardening for a local hospital, reading to students at school or painting the walls for a charity's office. We also encourage skills-based volunteering where possible; people from our finance team might, for example, help support a charity with budgets or a marketer might help a charity with branding.

Case Study 1 – Livewell
Roche colleagues take part in a Tai-Chi class during Wellbeing week

LiveWell: Find your Balance, is a global Roche initiative that aims to foster a culture of health and wellbeing among Roche colleagues.

In addition to the UK, over 140 sites in 80 countries are participating in the initiative.

Several LiveWell Days and events take place throughout the year where a range of activities take place on-site that all colleagues are welcome to participate in. There is a dedicated LiveWell Week in September - taking place the same time as other Roche sites around the world. By distributing activities throughout the year, it helps maintain our focus on wellbeing and enables colleagues based all around the UK and Ireland to take part.

Previous themes have included a Healthy Lifestyle day where the focus was on a range of events and activities designed to encourage colleagues to think about their lifestyle and try something new to find their own balance. Activities on offer during the day included sports yoga, cycling, nutrition workshops, a golf driving range, Get Fit Fast workshops, High Intensity training sessions and a hydration challenge. At our Burgess Hill site on that day, Falklands veteran, Simon Weston CBE, came to speak to colleagues about the importance of maintaining a positive mental attitude in the face of adversity.

Another day focused on Healthy Brain, Healthy Mind, demonstrating to colleagues the importance of exercising their minds. Activities included Brain Training sessions run by Cambridge University, physical and psychological strategies to help deal with everyday stress, physical challenges and art classes. A tailored menu was also available in the restaurant that promoted the right foods to eat to help maintain a healthy mind.

LiveWell was the one of the reasons I returned to Roche – it shows that Roche cares for the wellbeing of its employees.
Lifestyle Centre at Roche Welwyn
Lifestyle Centre at Roche Welwyn

Occupational health

One of the many benefits of working for Roche is our Occupational Health support.

At our site in Welwyn Garden City we provide heavily subsidised screening for cervical/prostate and breast cancers on alternate years and mole scanning for skin cancers annually as part of our voluntary health programme. Seasonal flu vaccination is also provided annually. Health Assessments (cholesterol and blood pressure monitoring); weight and dietary advice; support for stress management and general health advice and support are also provided. And in our dedicated Wellbeing Zone there is a Sleep Pod, massage chairs and Headspace space. Headspace subscriptions which aid mindfulness are available free to all colleagues who are based in Welwyn. There are also a range of chargeable services provided on-site by external therapists, including: physiotherapy, footcare and a range of stress-breaker treatments.

Both of our sites (Welwyn Garden City and Burgess Hill) have on-site fitness and lifestyle centres run by Nuffield Health (membership required) and offer gyms, a range of classes and a personal trainer programme. General health assessments are available year round. And we provide confidential 'first step' counselling for both work and personal issues for Roche employees, supported by the independent Employee Assistance Programme.

We also run a bi-annual Wellbeing Survey that asks Roche people questions about work and wellbeing. This helps us to better assess the working environment in order to ensure that it is as happy, healthy and productive as possible, identify potential hot spots, and areas of good practice and develop and implement an action plan to address issues and share best practice.

Data from past surveys has helped inform a wide range of actions over the last ten years at site and team level. These include raising awareness of mental health through our Live Well events to help people feel more comfortable talking about stress and mental health at work.


Roche employees at Pride 2018
Roche colleagues at Pride, Brighton, 2018.


Embracing Diversity

Colleagues from our Diagnostics business in Burgess Hill, near Brighton take part in Brighton Pride each year.  We are proud to have an active LGBT+ friends group: OPEN (Out, Proud and Equal Network) which is part of the wider Roche OPEN group operating around the world.


Students at Roche Welwyn
Students participate in the annual GenerationeXt event at Roche Welwyn


Schools Outreach Programme

Inspiring and motivating the next generation to pursue a career in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math is critical to us. Evidence shows that 89% of STEM businesses have found it difficult to hire people with the required skills in the past 12 months (Source: STEM Learning).

Recent research we have undertaken, polling 2000 teenagers aged 14-18 has revealed that whilst 77% said they enjoy science classes, only 1 in 20 expressed interest in jobs in the field of science, such as medicine, research and pharmaceuticals. The study also found that teens from higher household income families (£125k+) are almost four times as likely to pursue a career in science than those from the lowest household income families (under £15k).

The study found that while three quarters (75%) of children say that science is “fun”, that interest drops into a black hole when it comes to turning that enjoyment into a career choice – even though 76% of children believe that studying the subject would lead to great job opportunities.

The reasons for this huge fall in interest seems to be complex. A quarter of kids say they feel they are not bright enough to pursue a career in science.

To try and address this situation, Roche is inspiring the next generation of Scientists with its GenerationeXt initiative - a programme of activity that aims to inspire and motivate students to pursue a career in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). Through a series of interactive workshops and classes, the programme aims to show the next generation how exciting and rewarding a career in STEM can be whilst giving them the potential to change the world.

There are c150 colleagues from Roche in the UK signed up to be STEM Ambassadors. These ambassadors help to bridge the gap between businesses and schools. Their role is to engage with students and demonstrate the world of opportunities that a career in STEM can bring. Colleagues go into schools and run science classes or talk about their careers – bringing the idea of a career in STEM subjects to life.

Roche GenerationeXt

We host dedicated STEM related events on-site at Welwyn Garden City including one day called GenerationeXt. You can watch highlights of our last GenerationeXt day above. We also host a three-day work experience event at our site in Welwyn Garden City which is open to students in Year 12. We aim to demonstrate what it’s like working in the healthcare sector along with workshops on employability skills and UCAS applications.

For further information about our Schools Outreach Programme or our Work Experience event please email: Send Mail


  1. Roche Impact Report, data on file, September 2018