We have a duty to ensure the next generation is not a lost generation
Richard Irwin - General Manager, Roche Products Ltd. UK.

Inspiring and motivating the next generation to pursue a career in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math is critical to us. Evidence shows that 89% of STEM businesses have found it difficult to hire people with the required skills in the past 12 months (Source: STEM Learning).

To try and address this situation, there are over a 150 colleagues from Roche in the UK signed up to be STEM Ambassadors. These ambassadors help to bridge the gap between businesses and schools. Their role is to engage with students and demonstrate the world of opportunities that a career in STEM can bring. Colleagues go into schools and run science classes or talk about their careers - bringing the idea of a career in STEM subjects to life. 

GenerationeXt 2018
Genext students
Students taking part in GenerationeXt experiments

We host dedicated STEM related events on-site at Welwyn Garden City including one day called GenerationeXt. You can watch highlights of our last GenerationeXt day here. We also host a three-day work experience event at our site in Welwyn Garden City which is open to students in Year 12. We aim to demonstrate what it's like working in the healthcare sector along with workshops on employability skills and UCAS applications    

Students and employees interact at one of Genertationext's sessions.
Students and employees interact at one of GenertationeXt's sessions.
77% of teenagers polled said that science was fun

Pursuing STEM Careers

The need for STEM is never going away. In fact, the number of STEM roles required in the UK are expected to double in the next 10 years (Source: STEM). To find out what some of the barriers were in preventing students from pursuing STEM we undertook some research, polling 2,000 teenagers aged between 14 to 18.

The good news is that the research revealed that three quarters of respondents (77%) said they enjoy science classes. And enjoyment is a far greater factor in choosing a subject for further education compared to remuneration, with 60% saying they would pursue further education in a subject they enjoy. This is compared to just 27% pursuing further education in an area that would potentially earn them the most money.

When it comes to converting this enjoyment into a possible career however, the findings show some uncomfortable results. Only one in 20 students expressed an interest in jobs in the field of science, such as medicine, research and pharmaceuticals. When asked why this was, one in four (25%) said they didn’t feel smart enough, almost a quarter (24%) said they weren’t interested and 19% said they didn’t want to work in a lab.

To take a further look at the results of our study and read more by an expert at the UCL Institute of Education please click here to read our report.

GenerationeXt 2017
Fun interactive sessions at GenerationeXt 2018.

Workshops and presentations

We have a number of workshops and presentations that our STEM Ambassadors would be happy to come and run in the classroom. Ranging from Separation Science which is for Key Stage 2 through to Bench to Bedside which can be run at Key Stage 4 or 5, all of our workshops are aligned to the national curriculum.

For further information about our Schools Outreach Programme or our Work Experience event please email: [email protected]