With a campus in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, Roche’s UK Pharmaceutical business plays a significant role in driving medical advancement. Roche has around 600 staff supporting global and local clinical trials to assess the potential for, and to develop new medicines.

Our campus is unique in that it is a key link in Roche’s global R&D network and specialises in running clinical trials to develop new treatments in the fields of oncology, immunology, infectious diseases, ophthalmology and neuroscience.

Roche recognises the wealth of scientific talent based in the UK, and medical research that is currently conducted in the UK, and invests £388 million of its global funds into research and development here.1

We were responsible for 9.4% of all trials registered by the top 20 companies; almost 2/3s of which were in oncology

We recognise the excellence of the UK’s scientific and medical community, and further our discovery and development by working in partnership with renowned academic and research institutions and private sector organisations.

Since 2010, our pharmaceuticals business has launched eight new medicines, and found new ways to use existing medicines, across 12 different disease areas, focusing on cancer treatment.


In addition to being a significant hub for clinical research and development, a further 600 sales, marketing and medical staff are based in Welwyn or in field-based roles around the UK. They focus on enabling access to our medicines through the NHS and other health organisations. 

The key divisions based at Welwyn are:

Pharma Research and Early Development (pRED), which primarily identifies and conducts very early clinical trials (known as pre-clinical, phase I and phase II clinical studies). Colleagues in pRED work closely with the scientific community and academia to design, lead and deliver studies, using state-of-the-art techniques.

Product Development (PD), which focuses on late stage development of new medicines (known as phase II and III clinical studies), evaluating patient safety and driving regulatory submissions. PD also supports phase IV clinical trials, which are run once a medicine has launched, to gain further clinical evidence for our medicines.

Pharma Rx is our commercial function, including colleagues working in sales, marketing and medical teams. Each and every one of our colleagues working in these teams works with healthcare professionals and the NHS across the country to ensure that patients have access to the most appropriate treatments for their medical condition. Our commercial function also includes teams supporting corporate activities, including strategic and organisational planning, human resources and finance.



Roche Impact Report, data on file, September 2018

“Today and more than ever before, we have a wealth of opportunity ahead of us to make a significant difference to thousands of people in the UK. Our work never finishes; our aim is to always think bigger, be better and solve faster. I am so proud to lead an organisation which puts patients at the centre of everything it does.”

Richard Erwin, General Manager, Roche Products Ltd.

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