In addition to the product portfolio provided by Roche Diagnostics, we also offer access to a wide range of added value services to help support you with innovative solutions. These services enable our healthcare partners to maximise the value of their partnership with Roche.


Some of the key services we provide include:

  • Optimall Managed Laboratory Service
  • Online self-service portal – Roche DiaLog
  • Product Training (including Roche Diagnostics University)
  • Logistics services
  • Technical support

More details about the added value services are included in this section. You can also speak to your local Roche contact to learn more about the services and how they may be able to help you specifically.


  • Optimall Managed Laboratory Service

The Optimall Managed Laboratory Service from Roche Diagnostics supports you in operating your laboratory and point of care service with the overall aim of achieving cost efficiency and standardisation, in addition to enhanced supplier management.

We work in partnership with you to provide laboratory and point of care solutions as a prime contractor. We draw upon our experience and expertise to support you to optimise your service.

What can an Optimall Managed Laboratory Service offer you?

  • One relationship
  • Potential VAT recovery (UK only)*
  • Technology access
  • Risk transfer
  • Flexible contracts
  • 3rd Party network
  • Horizon scanning
  • One contract & one invoice
  • Contract support
  • Clear costs

To learn more about the Optimall Managed Laboratory Service, email [email protected] or speak to your local Roche contact.

* We recommend that as a prospective purchaser of a Managed Laboratory Service you make enquiries of your tax advisors and of your proposed provider(s), to satisfy yourselves that all HMRC criteria will be met to enable VAT reclamation, before tendering for a Managed Laboratory Service Contract


Digital Services

The consolidation and growth of medical laboratories is leading to ever-more ­complex processes and diagnostics systems are evolving constantly to keep pace. Roche is developing a growing range of digital services and solutions that enable ­increased operational efficiency in every ­aspect of laboratory management.

Digital innovation is central to the added value service offering from Roche Diagnostics. Our online training solutions and our customer self-service platform provide digital tools to help support your service.

Roche Training

Training has always been a top priority in our customer service delivery. Providing quality, effective training is essential in meeting compliance legislation and improving patient safety. Pressures on Pathology and Point of Care services continue to grow with technology evolving fast, changes to workforce, expansion of the number of patient tests, and the need for enhanced productivity from your team.

For these reasons we offer a new concept of blended learning, which will help people learn in a time effective way. Blended learning looks to combine different training methods and tools in order to meet the requirements of our customers.

We understand that people learn in different ways. We believe that flexible, blended learning delivers better results.

The Roche training offering is a flexible package that offers you and your team a combination of e-learning, video, interactive quizzes, telephone guidance, face-to-face sessions, classroom training and hands on practical experience.

Through the Roche blended learning programme, your team will retain more information and gain a greater understanding and competency of the operation of the Roche Diagnostics systems.

The more that people are comfortable with using the equipment, the more confident they are in their role and the smoother your Pathology and Point of Care service will run as a result.

The Roche Diagnostics training offering includes:

  • Simplified training programmes designed to increase flexibility within the team
  •  Time efficient, streamlined training, which enables increased up-time
  • 24/7 availability (online)
  • Fresh content to ensure your team are up to date
  • Regular reports for you to monitor your team’s training progress



Specific Tools

Roche Diagnostics University


Roche Diagnostics University is our online training portal, offering a range of training modules. The portal offers enhanced professional training and development on Roche Diagnostics products, forming part of our blended learning approach to training.

Roche Diagnostics University streamlines administration by keeping records of training progress for you. Reports are also available from Roche to provide updates on courses started and completed by your team.

DIA Flip image 1. Start



Dia Flip image 2


Train & gain

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Deliver results


Roche DiaLog

Roche DiaLog logo

Roche DiaLog is an online customer self-service platform from Roche Diagnostics, providing our customers with a variety of services in one consolidated location. It is accessed with a single username and password allowing for personalised content. We look to understand the challenges you are facing and to then solve them with innovative solutions, including digital services and tools via Roche DiaLog. The platform is being continuously developed and will evolve to provide access to online product information, ordering options, case management and other tools. Roche DiaLog offers services including:

  • eLabDoc - eLabDoc is the online document repository for all technical information relating to Roche systems, assays and products. This self-service tool with intuitive design makes it easier than ever to find all the technical product information that is relevant to you, via the Roche DiaLog portal. With our search engine and range of search filters, you are able to find what you need, when you need it.
  • Case Management - the Case Management function enables you to log a support request directly with Roche online, without the need to pick up the phone or send an email.
  • User Assistance - The User Assistance tool provides helpful guides and instructional videos about Roche instruments. The content includes information and guidance to assist in the routine operation of Roche instruments.