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Our focus is on improving lives by helping to keep people healthy through screening; helping patients to get the right treatment through accurate and timely diagnosis; supporting patients to better manage their own conditions and keeping donated blood samples safe by screening for potential disease. 

We have 581 different tests1 either looking for signs of disease or involved in managing disease.

We do this by providing market-leading diagnostic tests that are typically carried out on samples of blood, urine or tissue and analysed on high technology equipment, from a small hand-held device to a large analyser in a hospital laboratory, testing over 500 samples per day. 


The value of in vitro diagnostics

As well as helping people, our diagnostic tests help healthcare services (such as the NHS) too. For example, potentially the earlier a disease is diagnosed, the easier and less expensive it is to treat. Whilst ruling out disease early can also help avoid unnecessary intervention or even costly hospitalisation.

Over 519 Million of our tests were performed in the UK during 2017

We’re also playing a key role in transforming healthcare through digital technology and we’re involved in a number of ground-breaking initiatives, including looking at new ways of supporting decision-making in the treatment of cancer patients.

Advances in digital technology presents us with many exciting opportunities and we’re proud to be part of this new digital revolution in healthcare.    

Geoff Twist, Managing Director, Roche Diagnostics UK and Ireland


Making all this happen are 650 colleagues either based at our headquarters in Burgess Hill, West Sussex; at our distribution centre in Newhaven, East Sussex or dotted around the UK and Ireland close to our customers.



Diagnostic Solutions



We also work with partners in Cyprus, Iceland, Israel and Malta, providing diagnostic solutions in these countries too. Whilst our technical teams ensure that our high technology instruments and analysers are kept up and running for our customers and their patients, we also provide technical expertise and support to other countries including Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and South Africa. It’s no wonder that over 40 nationalities work with us here in the UK and Ireland.



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2. Roche Impact Report, data on file, September 2018


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Putting quality at the heart

We are proud of the high standards we have throughout our business and have achieved the following quality standards: