Future-proofing Healthcare

With new advances in science and technology, healthcare and how it is delivered, is changing. We are playing a key role in this, developing new innovative treatments and diagnostics to improve outcomes for everyone. Yet beyond that, we are also leading on creating a wider understanding of what these changes are, and what they mean to people. This understanding will help ensure that we, along with others, can work together to ensure all in the UK benefit from new advances in healthcare. As part of this, we recently undertook two comprehensive pieces of research that assess what the future of the NHS could look like:


NHS at 100

In 2018, the NHS celebrated its 70th year. We took that opportunity to understand public opinion on how they want the NHS to evolve over the next 30 years in order to continue to deliver positive patient outcomes at its 100th anniversary. We commissioned a programme of qualitative and quantitative research to explore the UK’s aspirations for the NHS at 100. The programme polled over 5,000 adults and included both focus groups and a nationally representative survey of the next generation of healthcare users: 16-24 year olds.


Roche employee working
Roche Scientist working at one of our global laboratories.

From big data to personalised healthcare: A vision for the NHS in 2030

This report built on the success of the NHS at 100 project, and helped to start a conversation on the future of healthcare in the UK. It was completed to understand the current advancements in healthcare technology and identify how these could be used for the future of healthcare.


We set out a vision for the NHS in 2030, including calling on the Government, the NHS, industry and other key leaders to embrace new technology and develop a future proof NHS by 2030.