At Roche we firmly believe that better patient care can be achieved through joint working with the NHS. This is why we support and actively implement the Department of Health guidance on Joint Working.

What is Joint Working?

Joint Working is defined in the Department of Health guidance on Joint Working as: 

Situations where, for the benefit of patients, one or more pharmaceutical companies and the NHS pool skills, experience and/or resources for the joint development and implementation of patient centred projects and share a commitment to successful delivery.

Roche has successfully worked and continues to work alongside national, regional, and local NHS organisations to support and implement developments in healthcare delivery for the benefits of patients.

Our Joint Working projects to date have aimed to:

  • Improve quality throughout a patient's healthcare pathway
  • Implement alternative models of care to increase patient access to care
  • Support redesign of disease management services
  • Better use of data to measure healthcare outcomes and reduce inequalities
  • Enable NHS spending to translate into better healthcare outcomes
  • Share good clinical practice across the NHS

All of this we believe can lead to patient benefits – access to quality healthcare services, and better healthcare outcomes.

Roche UK has a number of roles that are able to deliver Joint Working Projects with the NHS. The value of these roles and the time spent on specific projects is not factored into any Transfer of Value disclosures. Below is a list of Joint Working projects Roche is currently involved in. Click on the Executive Summary links below to learn more:

List of Joint Working projects Roche is currently involved in: