Cobas® 6800 Machine in operation at a Roche Diagnostics site


Healthcare professionals’ information on HPV primary screening 

The cervical screening process in the UK has now changed so that all samples will first be tested for HPV, which is the cause of almost all cases of cervical cancer.

Roche Diagnostics has been working for 10 years on the development of a highly sensitive and specific HPV diagnostic test that can be run on our high throughput analysers. The analysers can process between 48 and 120 samples an hour and the advanced technology means you can walk away once the samples are running to get on with other tasks.

The Roche Diagnostics HPV test is a DNA test and identifies women who are at risk of developing cervical abnormalities or cervical cancer, at an early stage. In addition, our test has an internal control. This means that it will detect if a sample is missing, or is insufficient, and inform the sample taker to recall the woman for repeat testing. This is an important feature as it minimises the risk of false negatives.   

Roche Diagnostics is committed to supporting cervical cancer screening programmes. 

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