Welcome to our Following the Science video series, which gives a rare insider’s view into the world of Roche Research and Development and reveals how we are shaping the future of neurology and oncology research.

Hear from Dr Rav Seeruthun, Roche Pharma UK’s Medical Director, about his experiences of going above and beyond to improve patient care in the neuroscience setting, and making a difference to the lives of people with debilitating conditions like multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

Find out more from Heather Moses, our Roche Pharma UK’s Head of Medical Affairs - oncology, about the pioneering work we are undertaking in the oncology setting, to evolve personalised healthcare and enhance our ability to develop truly targeted medicines for people with cancer.

At Roche, we believe in taking an innovative approach to research and development – our aim is to never stop following the science, ensuring we’re doing now what patients need next.