Roche Pharma UK joins The Valuable 500



Roche Pharma UK has signed-up to The Valuable 500, joining over 200 other global companies that are putting disability inclusion on their corporate agenda. Our Roche UK General Manager, Richard Erwin shares his thoughts below.


In October 2019 two of my colleagues, Katrina Budesha and Eleanor Eisenstadt, represented Roche Pharma UK at the tenth annual One Young World Summit and learnt about the inspiring work that is being carried out by social entrepreneur Caroline Casey. Caroline has challenged business leaders to raise their game in terms of disability inclusion and at the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting 2019, she launched The Valuable 500, making history by putting disability on the main stage for the first time.

To tackle this, I am proud to announce that Roche Pharma UK has signed up to The Valuable 500, joining a growing number of global companies that are leading a movement to put disability inclusion on their corporate agenda. As part of our commitment, Roche Pharma UK is delivering an initiative called Workability, which focuses on supporting adults with disabilities to become ‘work-ready’, whilst creating an environment at Roche where everyone can thrive. This will be done through a series of employability workshops in 2021 to help develop softer skills, followed by the opportunity to take part in shadow days at our Head Office in Welwyn Garden City. 

Roche Pharma UK employs 1500 people. The UK plays an important role in the global research and development (R&D) network for Roche. This includes research at our campus in Welwyn Garden City, as well as clinical trials carried out by external research organisations and collaborations with academic institutions and other partners.

With the support of The Valuable 500 and with initiatives like Workability, we can build a workforce that is representative of society, to truly drive innovation within healthcare. Within Roche, we celebrate our differences, seeing the value in hiring individuals with diverse ages, gender, race, background and disability, with each unique perspective enriching our company. 

Read our Valuable 500 pledge here.

Disability will be personal to all of us at some point in our lives. Whether we’re born with a disability, experience a life-changing event, or simply want to live life to the full with an ageing body. Together we can create the tipping point for change. 

If you are interested in joining The Valuable 500, please visit


Richard Erwin



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