Grants and Donations

Roche employees at workstation

Roche is committed to the appropriate use of its medicines and to protecting the safety of patients using them.

Roche supports medical and educational activities organised by healthcare organisations/entities (termed ‘grants’) and by patient organisations (termed ‘donations’) to enhance and maintain patient care and benefit research.


As described in our Guidance for External Requestors requests for grants/donations must be for a specific activity or event that is independent/free from Roche influence where Roche does not receive return benefit.

To submit a grant/donation request please send to one of the two emails below:

Please note that the following are not grants/donations:

  • Requests to support activities where Roche may receive return benefit (e.g. congress stands, etc.) are termed sponsorships.  To submit a sponsorship request please send to [email protected] and state ‘Request for Sponsorship’ in the email subject line