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Roche aims to ensure all our work and activities are delivered to the highest ethical standards and is fully committed to the appropriate use of medicines and protecting the safety of patients.

Roche is also fully committed to, and accountable for, working within the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry’s (ABPI) Code of Practice.

The ABPI is the trade association for the pharmaceutical industry in the UK.

The Code of Practice for the Pharmaceutical Industry regulates the advertising of medicines for prescription to health professionals and other relevant decision makers and also covers information about prescription only medicines made available to the general public.

The pharmaceutical industry recognises and supports transparency as an important means of building and maintaining confidence and trust with the general public, and of demonstrating the integrity of our interactions and relationships with healthcare professionals (HCPs), healthcare organisations (HCOs) and patient organisations (POs).

Roche welcomes the publication by the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) of payments made to HCPs, other relevant decision makers (ORDMs) and HCOs in 2015.
Since 2013, Roche has publically disclosed our aggregate payment figures to HCPs, HCOs and patient organisations in line with the ABPI Code requirements on our UK website. Over the last year Roche has worked with the ABPI to provide data on all relevant payments for 2015 for publication on the ABPI’s website. It is this information, alongside that of other companies in the pharmaceutical sector, which has been published on the APBI website.

As an industry, we are on a journey towards increased transparency. Roche will continue to work with all partners to strongly encourage their consent to disclosure of payments through the ABPI system.

Roche values enormously the advice and counsel it receives from HCPs, ORDMs and HCOs to support better patient outcomes and wants to continue to work with the best. These insights enable the development of new and innovative medicines and diagnostics as well as educational services to ensure patients continue to gain access to optimal care. As with any professional group providing expert advice, it is fair and appropriate to provide remuneration for their time and input. Disclosing the value of these interactions is an important part of Roche’s commitment to transparency across its global businesses.

Roche Products Ltd and Chugai Pharma UK Ltd have a co-promotion agreement in place for a Prescription Only Medicine (POM). To ensure both companies adhere with the ABPI requirements each company will independently disclose payments associated with this co-promotion. To view Chugai Pharma Ltd (Roche Products Ltd) payments please click on this link.

In September 2014 The Roche Group acquired Intermune. In the UK the business of InterMune was absorbed into Roche Products Ltd from January 2015. To view InterMune UK and Ireland Limited payments please click on the following:

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Disclosure of Payments 2013
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