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Roche is committed to, and accountable for, working within the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry’s (ABPI) Code of Practice on a journey towards increased transparency.

The pharmaceutical industry recognises and supports transparency as an important means of building and maintaining confidence and trust with the general public, and of demonstrating the integrity of our interactions and relationships with healthcare professionals, healthcare organisations and patient organisations.


Working with Healthcare Organisations and Healthcare Professionals

Roche values enormously the advice and counsel it receives from healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations to support better patient outcomes. These insights enable the development of new and innovative medicines and diagnostics as well as educational services to ensure patients continue to gain access to optimal care. As with any professional group providing expert advice, it is fair and appropriate to provide remuneration for their time and input. Disclosing the value of these interactions is an important part of Roche’s commitment to transparency across its global businesses.

Healthcare Organisation and Healthcare Professional Disclosures are published on the ABPI website and available at www.disclosureuk.org.uk


Roche Products Ltd and Chugai Pharma UK Ltd have a co-promotion agreement in place. To ensure both companies adhere with the ABPI requirements each company will independently disclose their contributions.


Patient Organisation Support

Roche acknowledge that Patient Organisations play an important role in improving healthcare for patients.  We are proud to support and collaborate with these groups, but respect their independence.

In line with the ABPI Code of Practice, we aim to be transparent about all our interactions with Patient Organisations.  The list of organisations that we support, including the nature and value of the support can be found here.